With over 20 years of electrical power system services experience.


Is a company with over 20 years of project development experience, all these related to electric power systems. Our organization counts with two main business areas to provide the requirements needed from the projects and our clients.

Sedipssa has a 54,000 ft² modern manufacturing facility to provide one of our main business, being this the electrical panel manufacturing.

The other main business area is providing services such as electrical engineering, installation, commissioning, start-up and maintenance for 115, 230 and 400 kV substation, including GIS and Power stations.

Our company has a solid infrastructure that’s formed by specialized technicians and engineers, with equipment able to perform projects for electrical power systems.

SEDIPSSA is a company founded on March 20, 1993, to offer service design, electrical panel manufacturing, installing, commissioning and star up of electrical power systems.

Our company has a solid infrastructure to provide the best service that electrical power projects system require.
Provide engineering, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, commissioning and start up quality services for electrical power systems, efficiently applying our productive methods.
Keep a continuous growth as a company that provides services, counting with outstanding human resources and efficient service performance.
Keep satisfied clients by meeting their requirements ensuring applicable law and the continuous improvement of our integrated management system through the appropriate control of each of our process; likewise ensure the integrity of our employees and take action to ease environmental impacts.

Our Location
We have corporate offices in México, D.F. and Production Plant in the state of Hidalgo

Phone: 01 (55) 53552663
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